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Harvard Pan harvardpan at gmail.com
Sun May 8 11:06:44 UTC 2005

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On 5/8/05, Harvard Pan <harvardpan at gmail.com> wrote:
> I went back and reworked the code. Everything seems to be working
> correctly. Enhancements #4 and #5 below are the result of people's
> suggestions this past week.
> New Enhancements:
> 1) Pressing "C" in the EPG will toggle the Input.
>    This will update the channel list as well as the preview video.
> 2) Pressing "Y" in the EPG will switch the card (if you have more than one)
>    This will update the channel list as well as the preview video.
> 3) The channel guide "jumps" to the correct channel when you switch inputs.
>    If you are on input 1 with channel 5 and switch to input 2 with
> channel 230, it will automatically jump the guide to 230.
> 4) Selecting a channel in the guide will result in switching to a
> different input if the selected channel is not available on the
> current recorder.
>    Example: I have channel 3 that is ONLY on recorder 1. I have
> channel 230 that is ONLY on recorder 2. If I'm on recorder 1, and
> select channel 230 in the guide, it will first switch to the second
> recorder, and then change the channel to 230.
> 5) This enhancement is very much like #4, but it solves the multiple
> channels with the same number problem. If you have two channels of the
> same number, selecting it will change to the correct one.
>    Example: I have two channel 11's. The previous behavior was that no
> matter which one I selected, it would go to channel 11 on my current
> recorder. With the new code, it will determine which recorder it
> should navigate to first (if it's not the current one), then set the
> channel to 11. This ensures that the program you select will be the
> one shown on the TV.
> Code Changes:
> - Added a new QUERY_RECORDER query type: SHOULD_SWITCH_CARD
>   - this takes in a channel id and checks against the current recorder
> to determine whether we need to switch the card in order to switch the
> channel
>   - this returns a list of all free recorders in the system
> - RunProgramGuide now returns channelid instead of channelnum. The
> channelnum is returned in the argument list, which is now passed by
> reference
> - Added two new actions SWITCHCARDS and TOGGLEINPUTS to the context of
> "TV Frontend". Each will call the corresponding helper function to do
> its task
> - Added GuideGrid::GetLastChannelId, very much like the GetLastChannel function
> - m_channelInfos now keeps track of the sourceid as well.
> - TV::ChangeChannelByString now correctly handles channel changes
> using channel id, and handles different cards.
> - Implemented TV::GetValidRecorderList, which when given a channelid,
> returns a list of recorders that support this channel
> - Implemented in RemoteUtil.cpp: RemoteRequestFreeRecorderFromList,
> which returns a free recorder filtered by the list that is passed to
> it.
> Not sure whether the protocol version needs to be upped since I
> introduced 2 new commands. Let me know if this is the case and I'll
> submit more. Please let me know if anyone has any questions about the
> changes.
> Thanks,
> Harvard
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