[mythtv] EPG Improvements - Need some help

Brian C. Huffman huffman at graze.net
Thu May 5 18:44:12 UTC 2005

Development of mythtv <mythtv-dev at mythtv.org> wrote: 
> I'm coming in late to this discussion but has the "show all 
> channels/change to the next available card that supports that channel" 
> option been considered? I actually started looking today at patching 
> that in. The non-technical among us pretty much just want to point at a 
> channel in the guide and watch or record the show (this from my wife). 
> She doesn't care about the whole multiple card issue.
> Rich Goodin

Yes - I believe that's more or less what's been the concensus, with the caveat
that if there are no tuners / sources available that support the requested
channel, popup an error, or in some other way explain that the system is not
broken, but is unable to change to the requested channel.


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