[mythtv] ebuilds for all myth components in cvs

Joel David Elkins jde at elkins.cx
Thu May 5 02:46:32 UTC 2005

Simon Kenyon wrote:

>On Wednesday 04 May 2005 13:59, Joel David Elkins wrote:
>>Patch attached. Don't know if this is consistent with your philosophy
>>for handling CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS, but it works for me on x86 and amd64.
>looking at your diff i see what you mean
>IMHO, the mythtv configure script is "sort of" counter to the gentoo way
>so do you let it do its job or do you override it with the FLAGS from portage
>not sure if there is a single answer. i decided to let the configure script do 
>all its mmx/CFLAG/CXXFLAG stuff itself. i suppose i should have overridden it
>i really wish that they had used autoconf/automake
>the argument about making the download bigger does not make much sense to me
>bandwidth can hardly be the reason - can it?
>it would also have been nice if all the parts mythtv and the plugins had used 
>the same system. and indeed had all been released as a single source tree
>but you can't have everything
>i suspect i'll get flamed for saying that
>an opinion
>to have
>i am
For the plugins module (as opposed to the main myth module), if you
don't overwrite settings.pro, it uses -mpentiumpro, which is a fine
default unless you're not on x86, LOL! So really I was just working
around breakage in the mythplugins configure script. But, killing two
birds with one stone, I prefer to use the system-wide CFLAGS anyway, so
this "sledge hammer" seemed logical to me. I know some flags are toxic
for myth, though, and I was too lazy to remember which ones and use
flag-o-matic to filter them. A production ebuild should do all of this.

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