[mythtv] [PATCH] protocol extension patch, no generic SQL

David Shay david at shay.net
Tue May 3 23:36:51 UTC 2005

As discussed extensively (thanks Isaac...) last night on IRC, here is a patch 
to add the following protocol commands.  The generic SQL query has been 
removed.  These functions basically are just wrappers for the functions in 
mythcontext or programinfo.

QUERY_COMMBREAK -- returns a map-like structure of commercial breaks
QUERY_CUTLIST -- returns a map-like structure of the cutlist
QUERY_BOOKMARK -- returns the bookmark for the specified recording
SET_BOOKMARK -- sets a bookmark for a specific recording
QUERY_SETTING -- gets a setting from the database
SET_SETTING -- sets a setting in the database

For COMMBREAK, CUTLIST, and BOOKMARKs, you pass the channel id of a program 
and the starttime.  The starttime is represented in the number of seconds 
since January 1, 1970 in UTC.  This is the same format that is used when 
ProgramInfo uses ToStringList and FromStringList.  Returned long-long values 
(frame numbers) are encoded using the existing long-long encode and decode 

Meanwhile the protocol version number got bumped (about 2 hours ago), so there 
is no need to bump it again.  I have attached the patch for the mythweb proto 
bump, as they need to be in sync otherwise mythweb fails.

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