[mythtv] [PATCH] mythgallery: move .thumbcache out of image directory

Eggert Thorlacius eggi-spam at menandmice.com
Tue May 3 11:15:37 UTC 2005

>> I actually have write access to my image directory. Unfortunatelly
>> every application tries to put thumbnails into it and I was able to
>> turn off this "feature" for almost all programs. It's hard to makes
>> backups of the 10GB big image directory, when it permanently changes.
>> It would be really great to have a possibility to change the
>> thumbcache directory to ~/.mythtv/mythgallery/ even if there's write
>> access to it.
> Or just check for other programs' thumbnails.

To be quite honest, I didn't realize that this would be handy for  
read-only directories until I was half-way through writing the  
patch.  I just don't like metadata mixed with my 'real' data (whether  
it is written by MythTV or others).  I load the photos off my camera  
to my laptop and run a script that rsyncs them to the server.  Then I  
run another script to rsync them from the server to my wifes'  
machine.  Before the patch, whenever we browsed the photos on the  
server in MythGallery, my wifes photo library would fill up  
with .thumcache dirs.
Plus, it is a consistency issue: MythMusic doesn't store its metadata  
in the music dir, MythVideo doesn't store data in the video dir.  Why  
should MythGallery?


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