[mythtv] [PATCH] mythmusic: autoplay of CDs

Herman Kuiper herman at frontier.nl
Tue May 3 10:36:33 UTC 2005

>> Hmmm - are there CVS diff switches which will ignore lines with
>> whitespace-changes-only, but which will keep indentation etc? My editor
>> stripped all trailing spaces (and removed some remaining tabs/spaces at
>> empty lines) - hence the amount of "changes"...
> Perhaps you should switch to an editor that doesn't suck?

I'll take that as a "no" then :-) ? Personally, I like my editor 
(SlickEdit), and have that setting explicitly to "on" as I don't like 
trailing whitespace. Didn't know it would interfere this much with CVS 
diffs though...

>> Or can I just edit the diff file and remove all blocks starting with @@
>> which just are about whitespace changes?
> You can try to, sure.  If it breaks the diff, though, I won't apply it.

See attached. Not *all* whitespace changes have been removed, some where in 
blocks with actual changes. I applied this patch to my original mythmusic 
tree, and a diff -b -B showed no changes to the tree the original diff came 

If this is ok, I'll do the same with my two other patches.


Herman Kuiper - m: herman at frontier.nl - w: http://www.frontier.nl
Beech Ave 162 - 1119 PS  Schiphol-Rijk - t/f: 020-6589034/6142816
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