[mythtv] [BUG?] Commercial cutlist not reloaded for ~realtime

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue May 3 03:39:26 UTC 2005

Chris Pinkham wrote:

>>I'm not sure if this is a bug or an oversight, but if I start watching a 
>>recording that hasn't finished commflagging yet (using ~realtime 
>>flagging) and in this case, had not also finished recording, I find that 
>>after the flagging is complete, while I'm still watching, I do not skip 
>>commercials that were found.  But if I save position and restart 
>>watching, they flag fine.  I'm using the ALL detection method, BTW.
>Are you running current CVS?  I put a change in the other day on the 29th
>that should have fixed this.  Prior to that, the realtime flagging would
>work as you describe.  Now, the flagger sends out events so that players
>can get the new flagging info.
Ah, thanks.  I haven't updated yet and I did see the changes but didn't 
put them together with the behavior.  I will update and let you know how 
it goes.

I knew it was probably something simple


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