[mythtv] ebuilds for all myth components in cvs

Jay Sprenkle jsprenkle at gmail.com
Mon May 2 14:08:49 UTC 2005

> please find attached a set of ebuilds for all the myth components in CVS:
> mythtv, mythbrowser, mythdvd, mythgallery, mythgame, mythmusic, mythnews,
> mythphone, mythvideo, mythweather, mythweb and nuvexport
> i've tried to tidy them us as much as i can and also to make as much use of
> USE flags as possible. the build has worked for me on an Athlon-XP and a
> Pentium 4 M. YMMV.
> if you have any changes/fixes, please let me know.

I just "emerged mythweb" last week. It gave me version 0.18 but when I
used it with
the 0.18 mythtv I got 'protocol errors'. I believe this was caused by
incompatible versions.
I downloaded mythweb 0.17 to correct it. Is this the case with your new ebuilds?

The php.ini file could really use more comments too. I'm not familiar with
PHP and it's not very clear how to edit the servername php code there.

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