[mythtv] New Xvmc patch audio problems

Jay Merrifield fracmak at gmail.com
Sun May 1 17:27:58 UTC 2005

Hey, recently upgraded to latest cvs to try out the new Xvmc patch.
First thing I noticed was that seeking was a lot faster. Second thing
I noticed was that when I started playing an HDTV recording,
everything was in slow motion, with mythfrontend spitting out a ton of
prebuffering pauses. I went into the playback settings and turned on
"extra audio buffering" which helps, it now plays back files at normal
speeds if nothign else is happening on my system (my system only has a
cpu usage of around 20% at any time). But even with the extra audio
buffering, there's some tearing on the Xvmc output, looks almost like
a slight stutter. If I'm doing something in the background like a comm
flag, the stuttering gets much worse. This didn't happen with the old
Xvmc code. Also, it seems that sometimes I can get Xvmc to play back
just fine, but if I bring up the OSD, or do something that causes the
video to stutter, it never fully recovers until I seek. Anyone else
having this problem?


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