[mythtv] Current state of MythTv using Via XvMC VLD Hardware MPEG decoding

Terry Barnaby terry1 at beam.ltd.uk
Sun May 1 11:44:54 UTC 2005

Just a short note to update people with the status of MythTv
when using Via XvMC VLD hardware MPEG decoding.
This is based on my setup using an Via M10K box as a TV Client
directly driving a 4:3 PAL TV Via S-Video. DVB-T cards are used
in a separate server.

Works well with MythTv CVS 2005-04-23 (Prior to Xv/XvMC merge).
This is close to the MythTv 0.18 release.
I use the following options :

The settings I use:
1. DVB-T cards are set to record TS streams.
2. My xvmc_vld_2.patch is applied to fix the problem
	of changing channels when a DVB source set to record
	TS streams.
3. DVB-T cards have the "Use HW Encoder" option set. Without
	this some channels, that have multiple audio streams,
	cause heavy stutter of the video/audio stream.
4. The "TVPlayback" de-interlace option is enabled and "bob"
	de-interlace setting is selected.
5. The "TVPlayback" aspect override option is set to "fill".
6. The "TVPlayback" "XvMC VLD hardware decoder" option is set :)
7. The "Unichrome X-Server driver is set to "720x576Noscale" mode.
8. The file "/etc/X11/XvMCConfig has the line "libviaXvMC.so.1" in

At the moment with the current MythTv CVS release (2005-04-30) with
the XvMC/Xv merge addition the system works, but there is a
lot of video/audio stutter.


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