[mythtv] Channel Change Crash

Todd Tidwell artist at wildstar.net
Thu Mar 31 17:41:42 UTC 2005

This seems to go away slightly if I turn off XVMC.  Also, it seems that its
not just channel-changing that causes this.  Some of the HD content I record
has the same problem.  Turning off XVMC seems to help.  


I have noticed that with most of the TS streams that have this problem one
or both of the following can be true:

            1) FFMpeg reports that the audio is stream 0 and the video is
stream 1, which is reverse what it normally is

            2) FFMpeg throws a floating point exception when trying to
transcode it.  


Regardless of the above, turning off XVMC does allow it to play and mplayer
can *always* play the file perfectly fine without speed issues.  However, I
am still having issues with Myth not playing even solid HD content without
XVMC on.


Any help from anyone would be appreciated.  I'm even keeping two of the
files so that you can examine them if you wish.




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Hey guys,


I updated from CVS from a week and a half ago to CVS from yesterday and I
have begun to notice some odd things.  Some things have gotten much more
stable and it's behaving incredibly well.  However, when viewing live TV
from a DCT-6200 via firewire, I cannot change channels without the frontend
dying.  There is nothing in the logs that I have found yet, but I'm working
on that.  In the meantime, I thought I'd get this out here to the group and
get a discussion started, or at least get someone thinking about it.


I do know this wasn't a problem as of CVS from just over a week ago.






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