[mythtv] Fwd: Playback sometimes freezes on jump or FF / stream time position problem

Louie Ilievski loudawg at comcast.net
Thu Mar 31 12:21:34 UTC 2005

> What version of the ivtv driver are you using?

I'm using 0.3.2p, as you are now.  This very well may be the problem, but I 
didn't assume so since it never has been in the past (except when it's 
obvious from DMA errors and such).  Since I upgraded Myth and ivtv that same 
night, I didn't consider ivtv to be the culprit.  I'll try downgrading it 
tomorrow (err later today...need sleep first).

I can confirm though that the timestamp problem still exists with the 0.2 
series.  I've been getting occasional DMA errors with it as well, and this is 
why I upgraded to 0.3.2p, after hearing about some serious improvements to 
the DMA code by Chris.  And, besides this freezing, it does run very very 
well.  Not a single error since I installed it.

Anyway, I'll try downgrading again and see.  I will also try a 2.6.8 kernel 
like the first reply suggested.  I'm having a hard time seeing why the kernel 
would affect Myth behavior this way, but hey, anything's possible.  Ideally I 
would like to keep this ivtv driver because of how well it has been running.  
If the older kernel works with it, then I'll keep it.
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