[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

Jesper Sörensen jesper at datapartner.se
Tue Mar 29 18:21:40 UTC 2005

cythrault at gmail.com wrote:

>Enabling the switch you suggested, did it. I'm sorry I did not think
>of it prior to my post. I am not able to look at the quality of the
>recording until I get home tonight tho.
>I just want to check. Have I took the right path by sending this info
>the the dev list? I don't want to offend devs. ;)

I'm glad it works! I only have a budget card here so I couldn't test 
that code completely... :o)

I don't think anybody was offended by your post but if you want to be 
100% sure you might want to try to stop "top-posting" the next time (it 
makes it a bit hard to quote your msg properly). ;-)

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