[mythtv] Error in  change/input change/format

Jacques Facquet jacques.facquet at free.fr
Sun Mar 27 23:34:23 UTC 2005

I' have some problems on my PVR350, if I am on SVideo/Pal and change 
to Tuner/SECAM I have the wrong format.
I have looking at the sources and append in : 
void Channel::SetFormat(const QString &format)

    if (usingv4l2)
                (void)ioctl(videofd, VIDIOC_S_STD, &videomode_v4l2);
                just before the while and
                (void)ioctl(videofd, VIDIOC_S_INPUT, 
                just after the while.
Now, its seem looking like the v4l1 part.
I know neither v4l1 nor v4l2, so, please verify ....
Now, I have not the problem.

Have a good day

Jacques Facquet.

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