[mythtv] Proof of concept: Chromakey OSD

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Thu Mar 24 21:07:40 UTC 2005

Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-03-24 at 00:15 -0500, Andy Poling wrote:
>>It also has a small change to OpenGLVideoSync::WaitForFrame in vsync.cpp that
>>prevents what I think is an aggravation of an already late situation.  Instead
>>of forcing us to wait an entire frame if we're late, I don't wait at all.  I'm
>>not certain the full impact of this, but it did help eliminate the prebuffer
> You should have Doug look at this, he's the vsync expert.

Or Bruce Markey, who fixed up some bugs in my original implementation.

FYI, I think doing the OSD in the chromakey is a really cool idea,
especially for lower-powered hardware.

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