[mythtv] Re: [PATCH] Fix MythMusic metadata extracting from filename

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Tue Mar 22 15:02:07 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 22 March 2005 14:01, Colin Guthrie wrote:

> I've actually got a very different approach to solving all of the above
> problems in one foul swoop. It is by starting a separate companion
> project called (for the sake of giving it a name) MetaLibrarian. This
> will be a central resource database/api that will store all the
> metainformation about all your music (and eventually images) in a way
> that all applications on your PC/on your network can use to query meta
> information.

just realised that all the music i ripped since these changes went in have no 
ID3 tags. well they may do, but nothing can read them.

i have my music on a file server which myth, itunes, whatever reads and writes 
from. using something other than "standard" id3 tags embedded in the files is 
not the way to go.

is it possible to go back to (old fashioned but supported) ID3 2.3 tags 

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