[mythtv] proposal: live-tv commercial muting

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Mar 22 05:03:45 UTC 2005

> I can't find the email right now, but I believe I saw recently that
> one of the devs was working on some changes to allow commercial
> detection to run simultaneously with recording rather than running

I have this coded but still need to work out a final bug before
committing to CVS.  I believe the flagger isn't waiting long enough to
let the recorder get far enough ahead to do the initial logo detection,
but I haven't had any time at all to try to debug this this week (so
I've had to manually reflag my new recordings daily). :(

Hope to have some time later this week and then I can get the code in
CVS.  When it works, it's nice, the flagger finishes flagging within
a couple minutes of the recording ending as long as your backend has
enough CPU to record and playback at the same time.

> after the show has been recorded.  His main goal for this was to allow
> watching of shows with commercials marked as soon as they are done
> recording, but I'd imagine this would go a long way towards your goal
> of muting commercials.  You might want to wait until those code
> changes get committed or at least coordinate with whoever it is that
> is coding that feature.

I can't see real-time flagging working while watching a program unless
you are behind LiveTV by more than the length of the commercial break.
If you were watching "behind" LiveTV, there could be ways to get a
partial commercial break list based upon it's current info and that
might allow you to skip commercials, but if the commercial hasn't
really ended yet then the odds of being able to skip the commercial break
are lower.



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