[mythtv] should mythtv be forked?

Robert Middleswarth robert at middleswarth.net
Mon Mar 21 22:47:07 UTC 2005

Isaac Richards wrote:

>On Monday 21 March 2005 03:52 pm, Robert Middleswarth wrote:
>>I wouldn't say that.  I haven't programed in several years.  So I have
>>no hope if fixing most things.  I have been following this list for some
>>time so the 1st thing I did was upgrade to CVS then see If I could
>>reproduce.  I could so I submitted a full BT and -v ALL log unto
>>bugzilla ticket #238 that was on 2/28/05.  This ticket is still marked
>>as NEW.  No one emailed me asking for more info.  Nothing I haven't had
>>time to follow up or upgrade to the lastest to try and see if someone
>>might be able to help figuire why it crashes for me.  I wouldn't call
>>that being used.
>I'm sorry that I haven't dropped everything and worked on your bug.  I leave 
>all bugs marked as new, until I have time to look them over and possibly fix 
>I haven't applied many patches for the past month, either.  Guess that makes 
>me a bad person.
I am not saing you are a bad person.  What I am saing is that from my 
point of view it not being used.  I am sure I could have included more 
info.  I am sure you are busy and don't have time to jump anytime anyone 
submitteds a bug report.  Note I am not asking anyone to either.  What I 
did say is I submitted a BT for a problem I have been seeing since .17 
has been released.  Other have seen problems that to me look like they 
are related.  I did all that I know how to do and that was to upgrade to 
current CVS submit a backtrace about the problem.  3 weeks later and 
there is no feedback at all even moving it to assigned or a quick note 
like need to look futher into this.  Anything that sugest someone is 
looking at it.  I understand busy I said my self I am living with the 
problem as I haven't had the time to work on and the script the check 
and confirms it is still running has made it a minor issue now.  If 
there is anything I can do to help I will but I haven't programed 
outside of basic PHP/Bash scripts in over 5 Years so there is only some 
much I can do to help.

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