[mythtv] should mythtv be forked?

Jay R. Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Mon Mar 21 20:17:51 UTC 2005

On Mon, Mar 21, 2005 at 01:35:49PM -0500, andrew burke wrote:
> I have offered to help in this area 3 times.  Yes, a requirement of that
> help is switching to subversion, which I realize you feel is a big issue,
> but it really *is* a much better versioning system than CVS.

Well, the fact that you've offered three times probably means

> >> potential is huge.  It's time to realize that potential and make the
> >> changes that have to be made to realize it.
> >
> > You're quite funny, really. =)
> Yet the people emailing me privately about this don't find me overly
> amusing... strange.

I wouldn't say "funny", exactly, but I think you're trying to help fix
a problem that exists mostly in the minds of a loud few.

There is a *reason* MythTV is at version 0.17.


ALl of the things you're propounding are great things.

For version 1.0 and later.

That it is so cool even at 0.17 that lots of people want to use it does
not mean that the people who got it there, and will get it to 1.0,
should have imposed on them a lot of requirements to make *other
people's lives* easier.

I've been on the net since about 1983, and I've seen this a lot -- more
recently.  That it's common doesn't mean it's acceptable.  You wanna
add services around the project?  Go ahead.  You wanna fork it, you go
ahead and do that too.

But it *sounds* a lot, from over here on the ridge, like what you're
trying to do is use the 'threat' (heh) of a fork to get leverage over
how Isaac does what he does.

And, to paraphrase Dan Rather, that dog won't shop.

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