[mythtv] DVB, HD-2000, and CRCs

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Mon Mar 21 13:23:34 UTC 2005

Taylor Jacob wrote:
> Quoting Doug Larrick <doug at ties.org>:
> <snip>
>>So my question... I note that the code is sending a flag to the driver
>>to check CRC for the EIT and ETT PIDs.  Is Myth supposed to check some
>>flag on the packet and drop bad ones, or is the driver supposed to
>>filter out packets that fail CRC?
> The drivers CRC check every table section, so there is really no need to in
> myth..

Then explain to me how I'm seeing log entries like this:
Title [4001][003B] = Lixe With Rewis and Kel,y\uffff\uffff         Mon
Mar 21 09:00:00 2005 - Mon Mar 21 10:00:00 2005

Is this likely to be a bug in the driver?

I'm also seeing "MSS WITH MORE THAN 1 SEGMENT" messages; I'll see if I
can do something about that.

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