[mythtv] [PATCH] Fix (now broken) screen settings

John Patrick Poet john at BlueSkyTours.com
Mon Mar 21 02:20:02 UTC 2005

Daniel Thor Kristjansson wrote:

>On Thu, 10 Mar 2005, Nigel Pearson wrote:
>]	I think the Xv and XVMC videoout stuff is identical
>]in the geometry respect (being a derivative work), and I
>]did made the same change to both, so both should be good?
>I've attached a patch that makes the XVideo and XvMC video out stuff 
>work. But you might have to do some work on DisplayResOSX.cpp.
>This actually started out as just a patch to improve DisplayRes, so I'll 
>describe that first.
>At the moment you need to spin in an X and Y resolution for the GUI, 
>playback, and the video specific overrides. I've added a GetVideoModes() 
>method to DisplayRes that returns all the possible resolutions and the 
>valid refresh rates at each resolution. This allows us to just flip 
>through the valid resolutions, and I've also modified DisplayRes so 
>that you can ask for a specific refresh rate, so you can specify a 60 
>Hz refresh rate for playback, while using 85 Hz for the GUI. I've also 
>used GetVideoModes() to avoid showing that configuration screen if you 
>do not have a system supported by DisplayRes (i.e. non-MacOSX or 
>non-XRandR capabable systems). I also made setting the aspect ratio
>of the display simpler, by letting the user choose "4:3", "16:9", or 
>native, rather than "Alt/Non-Alt"
>I made the needed changes to DisplayResOSX, and flushed out that
>implementation by implementing GetDisplaySize(). But I don't have
>a MacOSX system to compile on so this may not even compile. There
>are also a couple calls that I wasn't clear on from reading the
>spec, these are marked with my question and "-- dtk"
>As far as XVideo and XvMC, the code in tv_play and videoout_xv[mc] was 
>assuming that if you were using XRandR you wanted the playback to be 
>fullscreen. I've removed that assumption, so "GuiSizeForTV" is still 
>respected. Also when switching back from fullscreen the gui was not 
>returned to the location it was at before going full screen. I've added
>a QRect called saved_gui_bounds to tv_play which allows us to return to 
>the original location after running fullscreen for playback.
>While I was at it I added initializers for all the instance variables
>in tv_play to the constructor. (I encountered a crash due to an 
>uninitialized pointer in the TV class, so...)
>PS I left in some backward compatible methods in DisplayRes, and did not 
>   fully switch videout_xv, and videout_xvmc to the new methods. This is 
>   because I have a patch for these in the works and want to minimize 
>   rejects.

Hi Daniel,

Finally had some time to compile this up.  Found one problem in 
globalsettings.cpp: line 2964 is not protected by USING_XRANDR, but 
VideoModeSettings is.

My system is recording right now, so it will be a bit before I install 
it.  I will try and let you know how it works out later on tonight.


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