[mythtv] Extract/export just the closed captioning?

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sat Mar 19 22:14:25 UTC 2005

> I'm not talking about getting captions while reading from the card -
> that works great with the bttv series cards I'm using. I'm talking about
> the recordings after they are on disk in .nuv form. I can view the
> closed captioning/subtitles when playing back a recording from media
> library, or could transcode the media with nuvexport, the question is,
> is there a straightforward way to extract the data from the .nuv file
> itself?
> i.e. some mode for nuvexport that would decode but not transcode?

It would probably take you less than an hour to hack up "nuvscan" to do
this if you have any programming experience.




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