[mythtv] Who knows about: TvRec::TvRec && ChannelBase&& Channelstuff ?

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Sat Mar 19 01:25:01 UTC 2005

> I've been adding logging left and right and I think I've narrowed it
> down to the fact 

While your own logging can be useful no one except you will have it. Just
attaching a standard log might be more useful.

> In my case, I believe that "defaultinput" value in the "capturecard"
> table is incorrect.
> But I can't figure out who sets it. I've been through the f/e setup
> stuff and through the
> mythtv-setup stuff, and I can't find it.

It is part of the card setup, mythsetup on configuring cards and it should
be there. You can also just modify the table if it is wrong (though I don't
see how that is going to happen, it works, then it doesn't then it does, I
doubt it is anything to do with the input name).

A similar problem was caused by the freqid in the channel table not being
set (just as an example, I'm mostly sure that what caused this has been

Anduin Withers

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