[mythtv] Who knows about: TvRec::TvRec && ChannelBase && Channel stuff ?

Kirk Anderson kirk at nosredna.net
Fri Mar 18 14:41:28 UTC 2005


I have this intermittent problem with my Myth box. LiveTV will work fine 
for days and then
all of a sudden 'something' changes that causes the "1: S-Video0" text 
NOT to be
displayed when I first enter LiveTV mode. When this occurs, LiveTV runs 
for about 15
seconds and then errors are detected and I am thrown back to the main 
menu. Once this
starts happening, it continues happening, even through multiple reboots.

Eventually something fixes it, either more reboots or nuking the entire 
mysql DB, I'm not
sure which.

So I've been trying to debug it over weeks (I did say intermittent). It 
appears to me that it
has to do with the "currentcapchannels" var inside
"ChannelBase" (mythtv/libs/libmythtv/channelbase.cpp)

If I change the default setting in the ChannelBase constructor from "-1" 
to "6",
everything works great from then on.

So I tried to figure out how "currentcapchannel" is supposed to get 
set.  I ended up with
print statements taking me back into the TvRec::TvRec constructor 
(tv_rec.cpp).  But I
am generally confused about how that "currentcapchannel" var is still 

When things go bad on my system, currentcapchannel == -1 all the time.
When things are working ok, 'somebody" manages to set currentcapchannel 
== 6
(without me having to override the constructor).

Can anyone give me a quicky general purpose idea of who is doing this. 
On grepping
the code, it appears currentcapchannel is only set in like 2 places. But 
I still haven't
been able to figure the flow out.

Any tips would be appreciated.



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