[mythtv] [patch] firewire broadcast connection

Jeremy Muhlich jmuhlich at bitflood.org
Fri Mar 11 22:14:40 UTC 2005

I'm not sure it's mythtv's fault, as the test_mpeg tool from the
linux1394/iec61883 package exhibits the same problems.  (I think it's
test_mpeg; I don't have access to my myth box right now and the
linux1394 svn repo is currently unresponsive)

Does anyone here have suggestions as to where in raw1394/iec61883 I
might start poking around to find answers?

 -- Jeremy

Tom Harding wrote:

I "third" this request!

I have the same problem and reason to believe its because of problems
with peer mode.

andrew burke wrote:

>I'd like to second this request.
>Aditionally, has anyone had problems with firewire recording not
starting?  For instance, trying to watch live tv over firewire often
takes three or four tries before it works.  Is this a common bug or
should I do some more hunting trying to figure out exactly what's going

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