Watching the Watchers Re: [mythtv] Proposed alternate behaviour for show delete

Geoffrey Kruse gkruse at
Wed Mar 9 20:18:57 UTC 2005

> While I like this concept I find the UI possibly too complex for most.

I have to disagree.  I don't think this would make the interface too 
complex, and the added usability would more than make up for any 
complexity added.  Marking the number of times a recording has been 
watched would be helpful, but I can still see my significant other 
getting mad at me because I deleted something she hadn't watched when I 
thought she had.  The whole concept of users prevents this problem.

> In the future, nice features would be to let different users 'register'
> for different shows.  That is, Jeremy might not be interested in a show
> that everyone else is, so he doesn't get listed on that show as an 
> option
> for 'Seen It'.

It would also be nice to have different view recording pages that only 
showed the recordings the current user has registered for.  This would 
save sifting through recordings that someone else in your house 
recorded to find what you are looking for.  Then, when each user 
deletes the recording it disappears from their view recordings page but 
still shows up on other users' pages until they delete it.  Once 
everyone who has registered for the show marks it for deletion, it will 
be deleted.

Geoff Kruse
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