[mythtv] DVB lockup - a possible solution? - better response

Leandro Dardini ldardini at tiscali.it
Mon Mar 7 21:12:43 UTC 2005

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> What I see happening is that when a channel does not tune 'startchan'
> is set blank.  The next time you try to watch TV it can't tune since
> 'startchan' is blank.  I tried a quick hack in the code that sets
> startchan in the database so it wouldn't write a blank field but I view
> this as a hack.  The right solution would be to not update 'startchan'
> when tuning fails.
> I'm away from my system right now and I won't be able to track this
> down any further until next weekend but I hope this information helps.
> Mino

No way playing with startchan and tunechan. Backend remembers the last
succesfully tuned channel and if you switch from None to LiveTv, it tries
again to read from the channel, even if it isn't broadcasting data, locking
the user out...

Any help from a better skilled developer?


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