[mythtv] Suggestions and learning algorithms.

Matthew J Waddell list at there.ath.cx
Thu Jun 30 19:01:42 UTC 2005

Whats up developers,

   I am currently working on a research project to design and test 
learning algorithms that make programming suggestions based on a users 
viewing habits. Initially doing so by means of a Bayesian classifier 
similar to that of a spam filter.  The framework will allow for any 
number of other algorithms to be used should they become available.  I 
would like to know if there are any other projects in the works that 
have similar goals... by similar I mean a learning algorithm that is run 
locally on the machine, i.e. not a distributed collaborative algorithm 
such as MythSuggestion.  If not, would there be anyone else interested 
in working on the project with me?  I have noticed that a few of you are 
interested, but I haven't found any evidence that it is being worked on.

Thanks and happy hacking.

   +Matt Waddell (mwadd at cs.pdx.edu)

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