[mythtv] usability bug in mythfrontend

Jake jakeisawake at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 18:21:26 UTC 2005

> It is the default, or at least it was a while ago. When playing a
> recording, up/down jump by 10 minutes (or whatever is configured). In
> live TV mode they change channel. So if you try to jump 10 minutes in
> live TV mode, you change channel and lose your buffer.

that's why i (and i assume most people) enable the browse mode on
up/down in livetv.  that way you can see what's on and make sure you
don't lose your buffer.  also, there is an option to warn about losing
the buffer on a channel change in livetv i believe, maybe you should
turn that on.

not sure why you're watching livetv anyway ;)

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