[mythtv] Mythweb coding standards question

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Tue Jun 28 01:58:20 UTC 2005

Matthew Piggott wrote:
> I've pretty much finished a section for adding, editing or deleting
> video categories; before I submit anything I have a quick question.
> For the new files I've created theme classes I used Theme_video as the
> superclass rather than Theme; that way any future changes to video's
> print_menu_content() function would also apply to the new files.  Is
> this something thats okay with maintainers or should I copy the
> function to the new class and inherit from Theme?

The video and music portions of mythweb are crap (no offense intended to 
their authors -- I think the same of much of my own code).  I should not 
have accepted them in their current conditions.  I've received offers to 
rewrite them, but no one has actually done it yet (I personally don't 
use them, and haven't had time to do it myself).

As such, no, copying that style will not be accepted.  Though I have 
more issues with the lack of escaped SQL queries than anything else. 
And if I reject a patch, I'll tell you *why* I reject it, and you will 
of course be welcome and encouraged to fix any problems and resubmit.


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