[mythtv] New idea for storing recordings to disks

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Jun 27 20:44:26 UTC 2005

Brandon Beattie wrote:

>Recordings would work like this.  Just like in various mythplugins you
>would be able to specify various locations to store recordings to.  This
>wouldn't be hard of course.. if that directory doesn't have enough
>space, use another directory. If no directories exist, expire a file
>from the directory with the most amount of space in it.  Of course there
>could be different ways to expire, move files, to balance used space..
I've had this idea in my todo list for a while.  Quite simply, I would 
add a column to the recorded table that would store the storage group 
(as an integer number).  There would be a new storagegroup table that 
would, at first, simply be a numericaly indexed list of 
RecordingPrefixes.  If no storage group was specified for a recording, 
it would fall back to RecordedFilePrefix as the current system does.   
Recording profiles could be assigned to a storage group so all new 
recordings would be saved there and also exisiting recordings could be 
moved between groups.

The reason I imagined a separate table would be for more advanced 
features where each storage group could have their own expiration 
settings, etc. 

The coding itself is probably very easy for this basic functionality.  
There are only a handful of places that use Recorded FilePrefix.  Of 
course this is just the foundation work for some of the things you 
mentioned in regards to Myth making choices about where to store files.  
I simply was interested in it because I don't want to use LVM (for the 
reasons you noted) or RAID when I could just as easily use different 
mountpoints if only Myth would have the ability to use more than one.


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