[mythtv] CVS XVMC-VLD status?

Terry Barnaby terry1 at beam.ltd.uk
Mon Jun 27 07:06:52 UTC 2005

Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-06-26 at 21:06 +0200, Steven wrote:
>>It been a while since I updated my EPIA-M frontend to CVS but today I did.
>>I compiled using ./configure --cpu=pentium-mmx --enable-xvmc
>>and all seems well but there are strange hickups in blackback.
>>This is in the log :
>>2005-06-26 20:52:53.265 prebuffering pause
>>2005-06-26 20:52:59.436 prebuffering pause
>>2005-06-26 20:53:01.669 prebuffering pause
>>2005-06-26 20:53:02.237 WriteAudio: buffer underrun
>>2005-06-26 20:53:02.239 prebuffering pause
>>2005-06-26 20:53:03.303 prebuffering pause
>>2005-06-26 20:53:15.209 prebuffering paus
>>I have xvmc off, xvmc-vld on , bob deint on, extra audio buffering on,
>>libmpeg2 off, video as timebase on and chmod+s and realtime priority on.
>>Anyone else seeing these?
> I believe there is a patch out there that will up the number of XvMC
> buffers when using VLD to 16. That should resolve the problem if you
> are only using XvMC w/VLD. I haven't applied it yet because MythTV
> should be using 16 buffers already whenever they are available, I
> don't want to put in a fix for VLD that will break regular XvMC when
> it is VLD is enabled at compile time.
> -- Daniel
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Enclosed is the patch. This should only affect XvMC VLD decoding.
As stated it is not ideal. I think that videoout_xv.cpp should
determine how many surfaces the Video driver can support prior
to creating the video buffers and then set the number of
video buffers to this limited to a maximum of 16 ?

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