[mythtv] memory leak in MainServer::FillStatusXML

George Nassas gnassas at mac.com
Mon Jun 27 03:15:16 UTC 2005

On 26-Jun-05, at 7:27 PM, Isaac Richards wrote:

> The id child's possibly the leaking element.

I added ~ScheduledRecording() to delete that and also m_pginfo but it 
doesn't seem to have helped. I also applied the change in ticket 18 but 
it didn't help either. I mean, they're legitimate leaks but they're not 
bringing me to stability. My searching will continue as weather 
permits... :)

If anyone is interested in playing along at home I've appended the 
monitoring script I use. It gives a running count of loops and the 
amount of xml data that is coming back and when the server's vsz 
changes it prints the new size, how long it took to get there and the 
number of bytes of the change.

> Really shouldn't be polling the
> server, though, since it _will_ send out messages on schedule changes 
> if
> asked to.

I don't see another way to display current server status. My screen 
shows what's recording (if anything), what jobs are active (with 
progress percentage) and when the server is going to record again. I 
also monitor the logfile to pick up "shutting down in NN seconds" 
messages. I thought about going to the database to get this stuff from 
the logging table but it was too ugly.

- George


MythPid=$(ps --no-headers -C mythbackend | cut -c1-5)
echo Backend is pid $MythPid

LastSize=0 Loops=0

while :; do
     MythSize=$(ps --no-headers -p $MythPid -o vsz)
     if [[ $MythSize != $LastSize ]]; then
         printf "\r$MythSize after $Loops loops + 

     XmlSize=$(wget --quiet -O - | wc -c)

     printf "\r$((++Loops)) ($XmlSize)"

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