[mythtv] New idea for storing recordings to disks

Brandon Beattie brandon+myth at linuxis.us
Sun Jun 26 18:01:35 UTC 2005

Well it happened, one of 5 disks in my LVM setup went bad and the claims
of every LVM user I know didn't come true (That if you lose one disk,
you can still get to the data of the rest).  

>From this I had an idea and wanted to see if it's a good idea for Myth.

Recordings would work like this.  Just like in various mythplugins you
would be able to specify various locations to store recordings to.  This
wouldn't be hard of course.. if that directory doesn't have enough
space, use another directory. If no directories exist, expire a file
from the directory with the most amount of space in it.  Of course there
could be different ways to expire, move files, to balance used space..


The reason I truely like this idea is it takes a lot of complexity out
of the picture.  No longer do you need LVM, Raid, or even need to have
things setup for one directory to store recordings..  Just tell it where
to use space from and it will save recordings to whereever it can.

This would also be helpful for adding/removing disks and so on.  Another
feature that would be helpful is when selecting a recording in the
watch-recordings, is to specify which disk it should reside on.. so
maybe store shows you care about to a specific disk (maybe it's raided
or something) and kids shows you don't care about would be stored to an
old disk that may go out at any time..  You could also move files,
reformat disks, repartition, and so on without having to kill your
entire recorded shows.


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