Anon SVN access, etc (was Re: [mythtv] New commits mailing list: Woo hoo!)

Isaac Richards ijr at
Fri Jun 24 01:17:26 UTC 2005

On Thursday 23 June 2005 08:59 pm, Nigel Pearson wrote:
> > It's just strange that there's no message about it in -dev.
> 	No time to scratch myself, let alone get Subversion
> working on my Mac. I will just sit back and wait for the
> "early adopters" to do the hard work :-)

Heh.  Well, the switch is pretty much done now.  Unless someone can find a 
decent mirroring script, the CVS tree is going to be stagnant - I'm not going 
to spend more time than I already have looking for things that might work.

Anon access to the tree is all setup now.  Info on how to do that is on the 
first page of trac, so, get yourself to trac:

trac's up, and mostly working (I'm using their development version, so some 
things are slightly off).  Haven't decided if I'm going to migrate the open 
bugzilla bugs over or not, yet, but I'll be getting rid of bugzilla in the 
very near future.  I'm reusing the commits list for ticket change 
notification, as you may have seen.

What would people think about filing bugs ( via ) for patches, instead of mailing the 
dev list?  It'd be nice to use a better tracking system for patches than just 
the mailing list, so things can get resolved quicker.  It might lose a little 
bit of current ease of discussion, but every update _would_ be sent to the 
commits list...


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