[mythtv] Commit RSS Feed

Rob Wills rob.wills+mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 00:00:38 UTC 2005

Is there any interest in having a commit RSS feed?

My development team uses subversion, and I adapted a post-commit hook  
that takes the commit messages and translates them into an RSS feed.

Subversion provides an XML structured log output, and with an  
apropriate translation sheet (thanks to martin pittenauer - http:// 
codingmonkeys.de/map/), it can be transformed into the XML structure  
of the RSS feed.  My adaptation is to use John Gruber's Markdown.pl  
script to convert the log message before pushing it through the XSLT.

Here is what happens:

* Developer commits revision to repo with markdown log message.
* SVN does it's work with updating the repo.
* SVN calls post-commit hook
   - export 20 most recent SVN revision messages to XML
   - Markdown log message body only; extract first heading as  
revision title
   - translate modified SVN log XML to RSS
* Your RSS client checks the feed daily (or hourly if you're keen),  
pulling down readable and click-able commit messages.

Part of the final XML translation is to take the modified paths, and  
wrap them in a hyperlink that points to that revision for whichever  
repository browser you use.

The original post-commit hook and eXSLT is from: http:// 
The Markdown project is at: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/
Screen shot of one of my commit messages in NewsFire (on a Mac):  

Let me know if anyone would like my modified collection of scripts  
that do the trick... you need to modify them to suit your server's  



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