[mythtv] recorders max rate (space requirements)

David Shirley dave at cs.curtin.edu.au
Mon Jun 20 02:11:09 UTC 2005

Hi All,

Just wondering how mythbackend works out the space requirements for
recordings... or rather the max rate for the card?

As you can see below I have a max rate of 138mg/min, however when I record
tv shows normally - the most I ever use is approx 60 mg/min


2005-06-19 22:57:22.122 AutoExpire: Found 1 recorders w/max rate of 138
2005-06-19 22:57:22.126 AutoExpire: space: 2.0 GB w/freq: 10 min
2005-06-19 22:57:24.165 Recording starts soon, AUTO-Startup assumed
2005-06-19 22:57:24.172 Estimated program length: 150 minutes, size: 26017
MB, free space: 15464 MB
2005-06-19 22:57:24.174 SUPPRESSED recording 'Se7en' on channel 1007 on
cardid 1, sourceid 1. Only 15464 Megs of disk space available.

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