[mythtv] Compiler Tuning Flags

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Sun Jun 19 18:20:40 UTC 2005

> Just to see if it would make a difference, I changed the flags for the 
> entire mythtv (and plugins) compile to include not only 
> "-march=pentium3" (since I have one), but to also use the "-msse 
> -mfpmath=sse" flags.  In addition to the the crashes going away, 
> everything seemed to respond a lot better and overall CPU usage 
> dropped a bit too.  If more people have similar results, it might be 
> worthwhile to change the configure script to add these flags on 
> supported systems.

So goom no longer crashes for you in full screen mode with these flags?  
Hmm, interesting... If you search back there are some messages from me 
and a few others where we figured out where goom was crashing, but not 
why.  I would be suprised if it turned out to be a simple compiler flags 
issue though...

Oh well

Ed W

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