[mythtv] mythbackend spinning in "Waiting for a thread ..."

Martin Moeller martin at martinm-76.dk
Fri Jun 17 22:19:42 UTC 2005

Torsdag den 16. juni 2005 23:49 skrev Matt Zimmerman:
> On Thu, Jun 16, 2005 at 11:15:40PM +0200, Martin Moeller wrote:
> > I'm a bit curious here then, why is the preview working but not the
> > actual playback? Could it be the built-in motherboard soundcard? Is it an
> > Ubuntu thing, a 64-bit or something else, like a driver issue?
> Usually that indicates a problem with the sound device/driver, yes.

Well. I now have SUSE 9.3 32 bit version running in a separate partition. I 
didn't really want to try Kubuntu64 versus SUSE 9.3 64 at this time.

Now I have working Live TV, I can play back recordings, I have VBI data again, 
basically: Everything is working as expected.

I wonder how much of this is down to issues/oversights in glibc and the like? 
Of course there may be problems with the 64-bit version of my soundcards 
driver - that could be. Both are running alsa 1.0.9....

Now to see if I can also transcode shows. That nearly always failed in the 
64-bit state, but succeeded at least once, strangely enough...


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