[mythtv] HD video seeking problem between 32bit backend and 64bit frontend and vica versa

Erik Larson eklarson at socal.rr.com
Thu Jun 16 18:59:44 UTC 2005

I appologize if this has already been documented as an issue.  When the 
backend is on the AMD/Intel 32bit machine and the frontend is on the AMD 
64bit machine the video seeking has some major problems.  The same 
happens when I switch the roles.  I have all my nodes NFS'ed running 
over 100baseT ethernet and the video is captured from a HD-3000.  The 
64bit machine is running on an nforce4 mobo.  When I seek forward or 
backward the the total time of the video fluctuates and it takes forever 
to resume playback.  It's having trouble determining the total length of 
the video which i'd imagine would throw off any seeking calculations.  
Other that the seeking problem the playback is fine.

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