[mythtv] channel table auto-population

Daniel Hall daniel.hall at icetv.com.au
Thu Jun 16 02:10:02 UTC 2005

I have same issue in Australia as well. Basically it seems that when a
channel is tuned and there are any channels on that transport stream that
are not in the database they get added.

The problem I have with just setting these channels to invisible is that
just browsing through the channels using the up and down arrows on live TV
will go through these invisible channels as well, there will no guide data
and they are generally just copies of the main channels. Is there any other
way to remove these channels completely? Or will they always re-add because
they are on the same transport stream?

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> > Anyway, I've deleted these channels from
> > the database
> > but they keep reapearing. Every couple of days a new dvb channel will
> > appear, not the same one all the time, but they usually
> > appear in groups
> > of the same broadcaster (eg chan 7 dvb-2, chan 7 guide, chan 7 HD). I
> > have no idea why this happens. Does anyone else?
> > 
> Don't delete the channels, mark them as invisibel instead.
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