[mythtv] multicast mpeg2 as an input (iptv discussion cont.)

Keith Irwin kirwin at ncsu.edu
Wed Jun 15 20:30:41 UTC 2005

I think that it really shouldn't be too bad.  There's already a class 
structure in place to handle different types of video sources.

The reason that VLC dependencies are unacceptable is because VLC 
includes DeCSS in it, so it cannot be legally distributed in the US.

If it's just a straight MPEG-2 stream over IP, that should be pretty 
simple.  If there's a little more to headers and stuff, you should 
still be able to handle it.  Try using netcat to connect to them and 
redirect the output to a file and then see if mplayer will play it.  If 
so, it should be a piece of cake.

Keith Irwin

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