[mythtv] [PATCH] Add single retry of connection to master backend

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Wed Jun 15 19:14:16 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 15 June 2005 03:12 pm, Allan Stirling wrote:
> Sorry - The patch maybe isn't very clear. I'd assumed that the section
> marked "// this should be obsolete..." was obsolete, since it's been
> around for some time and I've seen no comments asking what this strange
> error in their backend output is.
> http://cvs.mythtv.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/mythtv/libs/libmyth/mythcontext.c
> If it's incorrect, I'll gladly redo the patch to remove the obsolete
> comment, if it's incorrect.

It shouldn't ever happen, but doesn't hurt to leave it in just in case that it 


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