[mythtv] Realtime Commercial Flag / skip problem

Jay Merrifield fracmak at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 14:47:30 UTC 2005

I'm having a similar problem with the latest cvs build and commercial
flagging. I've been trying to track the problem down for the last
week, but it's really confusing me. Real time commercial flagging
works for HDTV programming using a dvb card. Real time commercial
flagging for regular tv programming using a bttv card recording a
RTJpeg stream does not work. I usually get an error message on the
backend about waiting for data to become available, and then it
repeats the message 5 times or so and then says the data has not
become available after 10 seconds, aborting. But, if I go back in
after the recording is done and manually schedule the commercial
flagging job, it works just fine. What really confuses me is why the
real time commercial flagging works for the hdtv programming but not
regular programming. Any ideas?


>I am running current cvs and see the same problem.   You can't skip
>until flagging has finished.
>On Jun 13, 2005, at 3:56 PM, Lucas Meijer wrote:
>> ben levitt wrote:
>>> On 6/13/05, James Armstrong <james at thearmstrongs.org> wrote:
>>>> I am running CVS as of a week ago. I have been using the realtime
>>>> flagging since it came out but have not had any luck. Last night I
>>>> started to watch The Deadzone as it was being recorded. At the first
>>>> commercial the osd popped up and showed a commercial skip, but
>>>> when I
>>>> pressed skip it osd showed 'Not Flagged'. Near the end of the
>>>> recording
>>>> the last commercial skip worked. This was just a few minutes
>>>> after the
>>>> recording stopped.
>>> I wonder if you need to turn on the "Skip Unflagged Commercials"
>>> setting on the "Commercial Skip" settings screen?
>>> And if you do need to turn that on, then maybe the code that checks
>>> that setting should be changed to allow commercial skip attempts in a
>>> program that hasn't been completely flagged, if that program's
>>> flagging has started, and realtime flagging is enabled?
>>> This looks like a bug. THe "skip unflagged commercials" feature has
>>> been revoked in a recent commflag restructure. It used to do "as we
>> go" skipping based on blank frame detection alone. The idea is that
>> you now use the new realtime detection.
>> Which unfortunattely seems to have a problem. I know Chris (doing
>> most commflagging work) has been working on the skipping of
>> commercials recently (not so much the detection), so upgrading to
>> current cvs might help out.
>> Bye, Lucas
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