[mythtv] DVD-T UK xmltv ids

Mattias Holmlund mattias.holmlund at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 19:33:12 UTC 2005

My 2 cents on the issue...

On 6/13/05, John Pullan <john.pullan at gmail.com> wrote:
> xmtvids. Do we need multiple id's dependent on which grabber you are
> using. E.g tv_grab_uk_rt and tv_grab_uk_bleb both use different ids.

The idea with the xmltv ids is that they should uniquely identify a
channel. Their behaviour is  specified in rfc 2838:


(see definition of "broadcast").

If everybody followed this rfc there should be very few problems.
There is of course several ways to name each channel and still follow
the RFC, but we should encourage the different grabbers to cooperate
and in my opinion, whoever is the first to provide data for a specific
channel gets to choose the xmltvid for it and everyone else should use
the same.

By providing a list with mappings from DVB-T Channel name / ID to
xmltvid we can actually encourage cooperation.

So I think we should only map each channel to one xmltvid and make
tv_grab_* adapt and cooperate.

/Mattias (author of tv_grab_se_swedb)

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