[mythtv] Re: MythTV DVB Subtitles Patch v0.4 released

Sami Röppänen sami.roppanen at helsinki.fi
Mon Jun 13 21:28:03 UTC 2005


I'm very pleased to see that someone has taken the attention to upgrade
this patch. However, There seems to be slight problem, which I cant
trace without compiling the whole thing with the "bug mode enabled"....

Basically, I have two DVB cards (both nebula electronics) and somehow
the subtitles are all lost seemingly ramdom way in my recordings (no
matter what the channnel is), and I presume it has something to do with
with which card the recording was made (card 0 or card 1, they are both
made to record ts mode btw).

      * Sami Röppänen
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