[mythtv] [i18n]German translation of keys.txt

Michael Haas hansi.urpils at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 12:54:34 UTC 2005

Hi there!

I've translated keys.txt a few months ago, but I forgot to send it to
this list. This unfortunately means that I've missed two or three
commits and I don't know if any *big* changes have been made to the

However, most of the translation should still be useful for our
English-challenged German users.

There may still be some spelling mistakes and everything, but I sadly
am very short on time lately and won't have time to fix it, so I'll
provide it 'as-is' - that's better than letting it rot away on my hard

Would be cool if someone committed it, Danke.

Kind regards,

Michael 'laga' Haas

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