[mythtv] [PATCH] auto timecode adjust and extra audiosync controls

Mark Spieth mark at dclabs.com.au
Sat Jun 11 01:20:27 UTC 2005

hi all
given the issues with the auto audio sync timecode adjust with XMVC and with ffrew, this patch will remove it.
also included in this patch is 2 extra controls in audiosync adjust mode
0 - reset audiotimecodeoffset to 0
1 - set audiotimecodeoffset to the same as the current video timestamp.
thus there is now a manual method. this is why the 2 seemingly separate functions are combined in 1 patch. will separate if desired.
it is manually edited but hopefully there wont be any problems.

the only problem I see is in transcoding a recording (say dvb/mpeg near the 26.5 hour timestamp mark) to something else (mpeg4) will permanently cause the audio timestamp in the mpeg4 to be out. naturally manual audiosync adjust at that point will allow the recording to be viewed.
If you are running avformat seek patch (not in cvs yet), then you wont have this problem as it adjusts all the timecodes on anything being played with avformat to be offset by the start position.


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