[mythtv] how do i: have multiple sources on the same tuner?

Thomas M. Pluth tpluth at surewest.net
Thu Jun 9 17:45:29 UTC 2005

> i have a 350 connected to a satellite box
> it has my analogue cable looped through it
> i control the sat box with lirc
> i want to tune some channels from the analogue cable and others from the
> sat
> box. how do i do this? it seems in the setup it is an either/or situation.
> for channels from the cable i want it to tune to the appropriate frequency
> for channels from the sat i want it to tune to channel 69 and use the
> external
> channel changer
> can i define two tuners (actually the same tuner) and assign a different
> source to each?
  If your cable box has Composite or S-Video outputs, you could hook those
up and define it as one source and define a seperate source for the
tuner input.

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