[mythtv] Off list: Chroma OSD (again)

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Wed Jun 8 02:26:24 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 07 June 2005 09:36 pm, Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> After thinking about this a bit, and having more experience with
> the OSD code, I'm not so sure we need special OSD themes. The OSD
> code is windowed so that blending is only needed in rectangles
> where the OSD is visible. I wrote a quick ten liner C function to
> blend an ARGB buffer to black and it doesn't take much time at
> all on a 1920x1440 buffer. Blending to an imaginary chroma keyed
> background only be a shade more difficult.
> Have a look at BlendToBlack() in OSDSurface. If you still think
> it's complicated I can write the BlendToChromaKey() function
> for you.

Just checking, but this mainly is only affecting the final stage drawing, not 
the internal compositing, right?  

The intention is that once mythui is a bit more mature, that the dedicated OSD 
object types will go away and the OSD will be composited with the same object 
types as the rest of the UI - just with a different painter than normal (a 
yuv420 one for software blended OSD, argb for things like the pvr-350, could 
possibly do one for this sort of this, etc).


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